I’m not too active on DA anymore but I do like to check in on it now and then. I’ve had it since middle school though and my horribly dweebish username is very painful to look at but I didn’t want to pay for a subscription just to change it. 

Someone suggested I start a donation pool and I figured “sure why not. It might take a while but I’m in no rush”. But like a few hours later a few really nice people and good friends had already given me all the points I need. I really really greatly appreciate it!! ;w; So I made this for them.

I didn’t expect to get it so soon though. I don’t even know what I want to change my username to!!

Someone help me come up with a new username for my DeviantArt.  

  1. shiningpaladin said: Doctor-Mag Fuzzybutt Bunnypop Octomagnus The(your favorite color)Octobun LadyMcArtsiejohnsson Omniartistic Omnimagus Superoctobutts cutebutdeadly Omnimagusoctobuns Omnaynay Omnagus (your favorite color)Hotmama Markermonk Markermag
  2. ikm218 said: you should make it “SUPERPOOPOOP” 8’DDD IT’S A GREAT USERNAME //SMACKED
  3. magicians-fool said: You should be…. magnatopus. Because you’re a magnanimous octopus ;D
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