Okay, real talk: You are awesome at drawing and should draw a lot more Persona stuff. Especially characters from Persona 3 :)

WHOA. thanks so much!

That really means a lot! I’ve been a big nerd for Persona 4 for years so I’m really excited to finally be playing P3! (Though I’m pretty slow to get through games so I’m still at the end of June OTL) Seriously lovin Mitsuru and Akihiko so far so I’ll most definitely be spamming with more doodles of them really soon! Oh and Elizabeth <3 Ah hell I’m gonna draw all those cuties. 

Yes hello I am playing persona 3 now guess what my favorite thing about it is so far.

Old WIP from like December maybe. The whole picture is actually pretty long vertically. I really want to finish it this summer.

Late night water color doodle from last week.

More old sketchbook stuff.

Some old doodles from when I started playing P4G last winter.

Even more gross sketch dump.

Old copic sketch. I actually kinda like this one :)

Gross sketch dump. 

dump dump dump