*holds out microphone* Do you have any tips you'd like to share on the subject of character design?

let me just start by saying that this ask made me NERVOUS AS HELL.




But I care about it a lot and I’ve done quite a bit of research so I’ll try to share what I’ve learned as best as I can!!

um um um crap where do I start

dammit if this is one of my friends I am gonna hurt you for asking me this question later.

Ok wait I just remembered I have a page of notes from researching it last semester. Oh thank god I don’t have to think haha ;;;

Alright here we go!


Character design is all about creating a physical appearance that clearly depicts the character’s personality. So you have to have a good understanding of who your character is.

1) Make a list of character traits: physical traits, personality traits, etc.

2) Make a list of OPPOSITE traits: Incorporating an opposite or unusual trait into the design makes it stick out! Example: If a character is supposed to be really strong, make him small instead of really big. Thinking of other ways to make him appear strong will help move the design in another direction.

3) SILHOUETTE: You should be able to recognize a character IMMEDIATELY through their silhouette. Seriously just black out some like disney characters or something and you can tell who they are just by the shape. Their personality should come through too.

4) Start with a basic shape: circle, square, triangle, light bulb, pizza, your mom, you get the point. But as you work your way from their be sure to add a variety of shapes within the design for appeal.

5) Gather reference and practice: If you’re designing a character that’s an animal for example, get REALLY familiar with that animal! Research that animal, its behavior, its likes, its dislikes. Draw it a WHOLE LOT and understand its anatomy and stuff. Think about what visual cues are the most necessary for this type of character and try to see how much you can simplify it while still having it read correctly.

6) Surprise Element: Add something UNEXPECTED to the design. A great example is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Even though he is a dragon, a lot of feline characteristics were incorporated in his design.

7) Gravitational Center: This is the area that seems to lead all of the character’s actions. Example: Buzz Lightyear’s chest. The gravitational center effects the character’s unique posture and walk. A change in their GC can even be used to show character change or development.


thats it. thank god for those notes. I’m sure they’ll be helpful because its all stuff I got from somewhere else and not me just guessing this time haha. I think most if not all of this info is from this podcast

Ok yay I got through that Idk why that made me so nervous ;; 

But it was also a great refresher for me! So thanks for asking!

I hope I helped and good luck designing!!

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Some doodles from my instagram today. Getting back in that art vibe now that I’m just a couple days away from coming back to the states and will have zero excuse to not draw when I do.

Also I will probably slap some crappy watercolor to that P3 doodle later and post it by itself.

I really love your art~

OMGawsh thank you, friend!! It really means so much!

Okay, real talk: You are awesome at drawing and should draw a lot more Persona stuff. Especially characters from Persona 3 :)

WHOA. thanks so much!

That really means a lot! I’ve been a big nerd for Persona 4 for years so I’m really excited to finally be playing P3! (Though I’m pretty slow to get through games so I’m still at the end of June OTL) Seriously lovin Mitsuru and Akihiko so far so I’ll most definitely be spamming with more doodles of them really soon! Oh and Elizabeth <3 Ah hell I’m gonna draw all those cuties. 

Yes hello I am playing persona 3 now guess what my favorite thing about it is so far.

Old WIP from like December maybe. The whole picture is actually pretty long vertically. I really want to finish it this summer.

Late night water color doodle from last week.

More old sketchbook stuff.

Some old doodles from when I started playing P4G last winter.